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About Stephen

I’m a web developer and designer currently living in Dallas, Texas. With over a decade of professional experience, I started building websites before High School and eventually turned a geeky hobby into a longtime passion and career. I’ve worked alongside some of the finest people at design agencies and start-ups.

My work

Over my decade-plus career, I’ve **produced** industry-leading work for many clients, including national consumer and media brands, major universities, e-commerce, and start‑ups. I have a passion for the web as a force for good in the world and fight to bring that philosophy into my day-to-day work.


I’ve been building websites since table-based layouts—I started in grade school—through the dark days of IE6 and Flash-only sites, Zeldman and the Web Standards revolution, and the emergence of Responsive Design and the JavaScript renaissance. But the web constantly changes, and I work to keep my skills current. My skill set includes web and UI design, strategy, user experience—whether a single page or a whole design system—and web development using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The web evolves at lightning speed, now more than ever, but my goal is always to bring a dedication to quality and a drive to continue growing.

Last updated 10.19.2023