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A Husk of Its Former Self

The open web is a husk of its former self, conceded to the corporate ventures whose aim is to collect as much data as possible and leverage it in the most profitable manner possible. I want to reclaim my portion of it that dream of an open web of sharing ideas, culture, and imagination.

That’s the goal here. I’m not looking to get hired, or a speaking gig, or a book deal. I want to get back to basics.

As I write this, I would consider this redesign to be about 90% there, but resistance to reach total completeness increases exponentially the nearer it gets.

Though, the reality is, this can never be complete. The nature of this is an inevitable change to technology, to people, and my whims. With that in mind, I will aim to finally publish this in some form very soon, with minimal touch-ups as I prepare it for launch.

I’m not happy with the result, but I will never be. Designing for oneself is an artistic act, and dissatisfaction for me in that sense is foundational. But again, that’s not the goal. The goal is to take back my part of the web.

And with that, I will pledge to improve this site steadily and to contribute to the content regularly. To not let it die.