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Back In Austin

Right now, I’m sitting in a hotel room in Austin. We came down from Dallas to attend a friend’s wedding out in Dripping Springs, and while we’re here, we’re doing the greatest hits of our time in Austin. It’s not the stereotypical spots, but the spots that are special to us.

Austin is still tops lists of the best places to live, and being here the past day and a half reminds me why. But while listicles will talk about the tech scene, the cultural institutions, or the food and music, what I love most about coming to Austin is the vibe.

What I think makes Austin unique is that everyone here feels that and projects it forward. Nearly everyone is in a friendly or good mood. People are enjoying themselves, and it’s something that you can sense pretty much anywhere.

All that is to say, I miss Austin. We’re unlikely to live here ever again, frankly. I’m a bit sad about that. The future is coming fast for us, and there are great opportunities ahead of us. I hope that wherever we wide up, we can find a little bit of that Austin vibe.