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The Best Team in Baseball

If you ask me, the Dodgers were the best team in baseball in 2017. And then there was banging on trash cans.

It’s a curious thing being a Dodger fan these days. The team has been rolling for the better part of a decade. It’s won the most games of any team since Dave Roberts took the helm. But yet, every Dodger fan is sinking in a quicksand of fandom.

The Dodgers should’ve won it all by now. Perhaps without that banging, they would’ve.

The Dodgers come into 2020 like a juggernaut. A stacked lineup and roster depth for days, designed to withstand injuries to even the most key of players. Cash in reserve for days. Prospects that can come up and make an impact immediately—or be traded away at the deadline for whatever holes emerge.

And yet there is a sense of restlessness. This team can win it all. They should win it all. Will they?