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This Website is Perfect

This website is not perfect.

I have the drive to build precisely. I fail constantly. In the past, hell, decade, I’ve redesigned my website countless times. I have folders on my machine dating back years with abandoned redesign efforts. A lot of that would have rotted no sooner than it launched.

I’m taking a new approach to this. And it’s not revolutionary. It’s what I do every day. Constant improvement. Make the thing a bit better every time I touch the keyboard.

What this means is that there is a lot on this site that I would prefer to be different. I want the design to be more eye-catching. I want to take the cover photos myself. I would like to have content that highlights what I’m reading, listening, and learning.

I would have liked to spend more time dialing in the code. I’m already not super happy with it. But instead of that, I’m going to push forward. I’ll change things in the future. But I won’t let it sit and rot.

I don’t currently have a to-do list for this site, but I will be making one. But all that said, I was able to write this post and to publish it. You can read it.

For now, that’s enough.